To use the Low-Latency Preview, here are two options:

  1. Use the Broadcaster app to access a Low-Latency Preview on your iOS devices

  2. Use VLC to access a Low-Latency Preview from a Windows or macOS computer

The BoxCast Low-Latency Preview feature allows you as a broadcaster to troubleshoot streaming issues in near-real time from a remote location. You can remotely monitor what your camera is sending without waiting for it to be seen by viewers, who are typically on a 30+ second delay in order to allow for transcoding/transrating of the stream. This allows you to verify camera position, audio volume, etc. much more rapidly as a type of remote confidence monitor.

Use VLC to Access a Low-Latency Preview from a Windows or macOS computer:

To use the Low-Latency Preview feature, you must be streaming an event using H.264/AVC using a BoxCaster or a third-party RTMP hardware/software encoder.

  • In the Dashboard, navigate to the broadcast details page. You will see the "Show Preview" button to the right of the embedded player in the Broadcast Controls section.

  • An overlay will appear with instructions; click the Open with VLC button and download the VLC playlist.

  • Open the downloaded playlist with VLC and the preview will start playing.

To use the Low-Latency Preview feature for broadcasts streamed using H.265/HEVC with the Broadcaster App or the BoxCaster Pro, you’ll need to use the Broadcaster App. In addition to the VLC option above, you can always use the Broadcaster App to preview H.264/AVC broadcasts.

  • Open the Broadcaster app on your iOS device.

  • Locate the live broadcast currently streaming and tap on it.

  • Locate the "Preview" button near where the BoxCaster (or other stream source) is listed and tap on it.

  • A full-screen preview of the broadcast will appear.

Important Notes:

  • The low-latency preview will not show scoreboard overlays, as those are embedded in the video as part of the cloud origin server process later. This tool can be useful, however, in combination with the manual scoreboard controls.

  • The low-latency preview incurs an approximately 2-3 second delay from real-time.

  • The preview is not transrated, so you must be on a device/network that supports streaming at the full bitrate that you are streaming at. It will not buffer/adjust to adapt to a slower network like the normal viewer playback would.

  • Other artifacting may be visible in the preview that will not be shown to viewers due to RTMP protocol and device limitations.

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