Configure Your Account for Donations

This step-by-step guide shows you how to setup your account to receive donations using the embedded player.

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A great way to help raise funds for your program and services is to allow the viewer to offer a donation. BoxCast allows you to configure your video player to ask viewers for a donation.

Your organization is responsible for complying with any substantiation and documentation requirements for the donations you receive.

If you'd like to enable donations, follow these steps:

Log in to the BoxCast Dashboard and click Settings then Preferences.

Scroll down and click Edit on Ticketing and Donations.


Check the Show Donations Button Below Video option and select BoxCast or External Site. Type in a custom message to show your viewers and set up an email address that you want notifications to come to when you get a donation.


The External Site allows you to tie our donation button into an existing PayPal,, etc. account. This will relink to any link you put in the Custom Donation URL.


To embed on your website, go to Embed in the BoxCast dashboard, click Advanced Settings, enable donations, and embed that new code on your site. Watch the video above for more context.

When you embed your player or direct viewers to, you'll now see a button to submit a donation! Viewers can click and donate to your organization. They'll also receive an email confirming the donation and thanking them.

Back in the Dashboard, monitor your donations on the Donations Report. BoxCast will mail you a check every quarter for your collected donations.

Common Questions

What is the fee for using donations?

BoxCast collects a flat 6% fee on all donations to cover credit card processing charges.

How do I know when a donation has been made?

The BoxCast dashboard has a donations report that lists all of your donations. Log on at any time to see recent donations.


How do I generate a donations report?
The BoxCast dashboard has a donations report that allows you to sort by date to see all transactions, including the date, name, amount, and invoice number.

When do I receive my donations?
Donations checks will be sent out automatically on a quarterly basis unless the amount does not exceed $100 in which case donations will roll into each other until the amount DOES exceed $100. If the amount does not exceed $100 but you would still like it just let us know and we can get that processed and sent out.

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