Find your BoxCast RTMP Information

This article shows you where to find RTMP information to be used with a third-party hardware encoder or encoding software.

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The BoxCast Platform has the ability to stream via RTMP/RTMPS with a Static Server URL and Stream Key. Below are the instructions on how to find you Static RTMP Codes. If you do not see them, you can always add an RTMP Source.

Click on Sources in the bottom right corner of the Dashboard.


Click on your RTMP source to find your server URL and Stream Key.


You'll then want to use the symbols next to the URL and Stream Key to copy and paste them exactly as they are into your RTMP encoder.

Important Note

All generated URLs (as of Sept. 2023) are RTMPS. If your encoder does not support RTMPS simply remove the "s" from the URL (i.e. rtmps:// becomes rtmp://

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