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How BoxCast collects sales tax on goods and services

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BoxCast is required by law to collect sales tax for certain products and subscriptions in certain states. We currently collect U.S. sales tax in the following states and districts:

  • AZ

  • CO

  • CT

  • DC

  • HI

  • IN

  • IA

  • KS

  • KY

  • LA

  • MD

  • MA

  • MI

  • NE

  • NJ

  • NY

  • NC

  • OH

  • PA

  • SC

  • SD

  • TN

  • TX

  • UT

  • WA

  • WI

  • WV

As state requirements or eligibility rules change, more states may require BoxCast to collect sales tax.


If you are exempt from paying sales tax in your state, please provide the sales tax exemption certificate issued to you by your states department of revenue. Certificates along with any questions you may have can be communicated through

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