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How to Use Producer by BoxCast | Quick Start Guide
How to Use Producer by BoxCast | Quick Start Guide
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Producer is a new browser-based streaming tool that allows users to go live directly from any internet browser on your phone or laptop. Without the use of an encoder, you can go live with just a webcam, or you can hook up your switcher and camera to a capture card and input that feed into Producer.

You can access Producer by clicking on the Producer tab in the BoxCast Dashboard.

Next, you can either Open Producer or Start a Test Broadcast. You'll want to Open Producer to change any settings before going live. Starting a test broadcast will automatically start a broadcast in Producer once you click it. If you have a broadcast already scheduled with Producer as the source, you can enter that broadcast by clicking on it.

For this article, we are going to click Open Producer. Once you enter, you will be prompted to add your source name, video input (this could be your webcam or capture card) and select your audio source. When you are ready, hit Enter Producer.

Now that you are in Producer, you will see some basic settings at the bottom. You can share your screen, mute, turn your camera on and off, and go live. On the right side, there are additional settings; we will dive into each one of those separately.

Share Screen

You can share your screen inside of Producer and change the screen configuration. You might need to allow some privacy settings, and then you can share your entire screen or a certain window. If you're familiar with streaming chat softwares like Zoom, it will feel similar to those.

In this example, I'm sharing a powerpoint while positioning my camera in the bottom right corner. For the smoothest experience, we recommend setting up a second monitor when screen sharing.


The A/V tab will allow you to change your screen configurations, change the background color, turn on and off your camera, change any settings with your source, and adjust the volume of that source with the slider bar.


The graphics tab will allow you to upload PNG images directly to Producer to overlay on your stream. It will also pull over any existing overlays you have in the BoxCast Dashboard. Once you apply the overlay, you can reposition it to go exactly where it needs to go. This feature is only available on Growth, Experience, and Premium plans.

Lower Thirds allow you to type in a lower third graphic that will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen. You can only have one active at a time but you can create multiple lower thirds to be queued up and ready to go.


The Chat tab will allow you to chat with your viewers from the link or your embed code. You can also hide users' comments or hide a user from the chat from here. This does not include chatting with viewers on Facebook and YouTube.

Going Live with Producer

Once your settings are to your liking, it's time to Go Live. If you have a broadcast already scheduled, just click Go Live. This will start the broadcast within 5-10 seconds.
If you do not have a broadcast scheduled, you can schedule a broadcast directly inside of Producer.

Once live, you will notice a live icon and timer at the top left of the broadcast window. You can monitor what destinations you are streaming to on the top right of the broadcast window. All the same features from before will work while you are live. Once you are done, click End Broadcast.

If you have any additional questions about Producer, you can open up a chat or reach out to our technical support team at If you're not already a BoxCast paid user, you can sign up for our free trial to try Producer today.

Note: Producer is currently limited to 30fps for streaming (no matter what the input fps is set to).

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