Connect Hopin to BoxCast

This article will show you how to get the RTMP codes from the Hopin platform and enter them into your BoxCast Dashboard for streaming.

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Hopin is a virtual conferencing software that allows you to stream RTMP directly to its viewers if you are using Hopin. Follow these steps below to link your Hopin Stage to BoxCast.

Step 1

Log into your Hopin account and select the event you wish to stream to.

Step 2

Click on Venue and then Stages.

Step 3

Click on Edit for that Stage.

Step 4

Scroll down and select RTMP Stream. You will want to focus on the preferred RTMP section. You will need to enter these into the BoxCast Dashboard.

"Key" is your Stream Key. For example:
โ€‹ sk_us-east-1_IDjbMMyXtuzY_76Zu7SqKYJKRr2pTp5RW08gCsMs4qP

"RTMPS" is your Server URL. For example:


Please note: Your Key and RTMPS will be different than what is above!

Step 5

Log into your BoxCast dashboard, go to settings, click on integrations and Add Integration. Select Other RTMP.

Step 6

Name your source, enter in your Stream URL and Stream Key and click save changes.

Step 7

Now that it is saved, you will see it in your integrations.

Step 8

To stream to Hopin, schedule a broadcast and add the Hopin destination under the scheduling settings. Once your broadcast goes live, it will start streaming to Hopin.

If you have other questions, or the stream is not appearing on Hopin, please reach out to the Hopin support team to get more information.

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