Updating BoxCast Encoder Firmware

The firmware for the devices occasionally requires updating, which is an automatic process that can happen in the background.

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How to update your BoxCast encoder hardware

Typically, you don't have to do a thing. BoxCast encoders that are network-connected will receive automatic software updates. As long as your device has a network connection, the latest version of available firmware updates on its own (at no additional cost).

For best results, we suggest powering the device on and connecting it to a network at least once a month. This way, even if you don't intend to use the encoder in the near future, its firmware will still be up-to-date.

How to know when your encoder has an update available

When updates are available for your device, the BoxCast Dashboard will display a message in the sources area next to your encoder. There are two different types of messages you might see:

Firmware Update Available Message

When new firmware is available and the existing firmware on the device is still acceptable, the update will happen automatically once you power on the device and plug it into the internet. The only reason it will not happen, is if you have a scheduled broadcast within the hour of plugging in. It will wait until after the broadcast is over to update.

Invalid Firmware Message

If the dashboard tells you that the firmware is invalid, please please power on and connect your device to your network as soon as possible. This is urgent and could prevent your broadcast from functioning properly.

Common Questions

Will a firmware update interrupt my broadcast?
If your firmware is valid, it will not proceed if there is a scheduled broadcast in the next hour in order to avoid any possible broadcast interruption.
If your firmware is invalid, it will automatically update. Even if you have a broadcast scheduled.

I have multiple devices. How do I know whether each device is updated?

Firmware messages appear for each device that is associated with your BoxCast account. If you do not see a firmware message, you should consider each device's firmware is up to date.

I got an email about a firmware update and my Spark encoder is not updating? What do I do?

If you power cycle Spark, this will start the firmware update.

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