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BoxCast Premium Plan Features

Frequently asked questions about BoxCast Premium Plan

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What’s the difference between the Premium and other BoxCast plans?

The Premium plan is for broadcasters who have a lot of people watching — as in, more than 10,000 viewer hours each month — and/or stream concurrently on a regular basis.

How much can I stream?

As a Premium subscriber, you get 20,000 included monthly viewer hours with your plan. You also receive 50 broadcast and automated live caption hours per month. If you need more, the plan allows you to pay as you go.

So, how much will it cost if I go over my included monthly viewer hours?

Premium Plan allows you to pay as you go for any additional usage that you might need. This applies to viewer hours, broadcast hours, and live caption hours.

What about concurrent streams and broadcast duration?

Concurrent streams are unlimited exclusively for Premium plan subscribers, along with extended broadcast duration for events up to 24 hours long.

What else is included?

The Premium plan comes with oodles of BoxCast upgrades. Ticketing, Automatic Scoreboard Overlay, and Multi-Site Player are all complimentary, in addition to everything offered with the Experience plan. On average, that’s an extra value of about $5,000 a year!

How do I know if the Premium plan is right for me?

If you’re new to BoxCast, get in touch with one of our expert streaming coaches to learn more. Already a BoxCast customer? Talk with your client manager to see if the Premium plan is a good fit for your organization.

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