Flash Media Live Encoder (FMLE) + BoxCast

Learn how Flash Media Live Encoder, free software from Adobe, can stream to BoxCast over the RTMP protocol.

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Integrating Flash Media Live Encoder (FMLE) with BoxCast

FLME is no longer officially supported by Adobe. We recommend Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) as another free encoder option.

From your BoxCast dashboard, schedule the broadcast like normal, selecting your source as RTMP.

Once your RTMP stream is scheduled, click on the broadcast details and click on your RTMP Source, once you see a dropdown menu, click on Show Full RTMP Settings

Click FMLE Configuration and follow the remaining steps.

Click Download Configuration File to download an XML file that can be used with FMLE.

Start Flash Media Live Encoder.

From the File menu, click Open Profile. Open the file you downloaded in step 4.

If you receive a Profile Validation warning, click OK.

Configure video inputs and any other settings you wish to customize.

Click Start to begin streaming.

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