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Customers of both Faithlife and BoxCast can have their live streams appear inside the experience.

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Faithlife provides tools for your fellowships and biblical community to live online. Customers who subscribe to both Faithlife and BoxCast are able to have BoxCast live streams appear inside the experience. In just a few clicks, you can configure Faithlife to integrate with your BoxCast account.

Step 1

Linking your BoxCast account on Faithlife:

  • Log on to your group page (or create a new group) on

  • Select the "Faithlife TV" option in the left navigation

  • Choose "Add" next to Live Stream

  • Specify an image, title, and description for how your channel will appear on Make sure to select "BoxCast" as the provider.


Step 2

Faithlife needs a BoxCast Channel ID. You need to decide which channel you would like to appear on Faithlife.

  • If you prefer, you can create a new custom channel on BoxCast just for Faithlife. Then, only broadcasts you tag with this channel will appear here. Simply log on to the BoxCast dashboard, select Channels, and create a new channel.

  • Otherwise, you can use any of the other predefined channels (all broadcasts on account, one BoxCaster) or any of your existing custom channels.

To find your channel ID (a 20 character long set of letter and numbers), follow these steps:


โ€‹Step 3

Completing the integration:

  • Take your channel ID back to the web site and paste it into the Channel ID text box.

  • Click Save to store your settings

  • Go back to the BoxCast dashboard and schedule a new broadcast

You can now watch all of your live streams on your personal page on Faithlife TV (e.g., or on any of the Faithlife TV apps!

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