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View a detailed list of the supported ingest profiles, transcode variants, and bitrates.

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Below is some more information about BoxCast Transcode Profiles and Variants.


* Account must have the High Frame Rate feature (included in Experience Plan, Premium Plan, and some legacy bundles/add-ons) to receive 60fps output variants. If the account does not have the High Frame Rate feature but 60fps video is ingested, all output variants will follow 30fps ingest stream characteristics.

** HEVC ingest is made possible using BoxCast's encoders that utilize the BoxCast Flow backhaul protocol. The BoxCaster Pro and Broadcaster app for iOS both support HEVC, providing superior ingest video quality at a fraction of the bitrate required by AVC. The BoxCaster only supports AVC. HEVC ingest streams are transcoded to AVC output variants utilized in the embedded player, HLS playlists, social destinations (Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Periscope), and other RTMP destinations.

*** These are target bitrates for transcoding; actual output bitrate will deviate from these targets depending on input bitrate and characteristics of the content. For optimal streaming results, review our recommended ingest stream bitrates.

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