Multi-Use RTMP destinations allow you to save RTMP Server URLs and RTMP stream keys so that they can be used at any point. This works with any unchanging stream key from your destination. There are often described as "static," "consistent," or "persistent" stream keys depending on your target destination.

How to Find RTMP URL + Stream Key

This will depend on what service you are using but here are examples of a few popular services.


The Stream Key and URL are in different locations on Twitch. Learn more about streaming to Twitch.



Creator Studio > Live Streaming > Stream Now


Live Video > Connect
Make sure you click on "Use a persistent Stream Key" to get a Multi-Use RTMP Key from Facebook.


AWS Media Services

BoxCast is an approved partner of AWS Media Services. You are able to stream to AWS using BoxCast.

See these instructions on how to set it up.

How to Save a Multi-Use RTMP Destination

Step 1

In the BoxCast Dashboard, go to Settings and then Integrations.


Step 2

Click on Add Integration and then RTMP Destination.


Step 3

Give the RTMP Destination a Name and insert the Server URL and Stream Key, click Save Changes when you are done.


Streaming to a Multi-Use RTMP Destination

  1. On the BoxCast Dashboard go to Schedule a Broadcast. Fill out the information about your broadcast.

  2. Go to Show Social Media Destination and click on Other RTMP.

  3. Select Multi-Use and then select your target RTMP Destination using the name you gave it before.

If you would like to add a second RTMP destination, click the Other RTMP cloud button again.


Note: Unlike streaming with the Facebook, YouTube or Periscope Integrations, the Other RTMP Destination cannot pass the name, description or automatically start a broadcast on that destination for you. You will need to go to that destination and schedule a broadcast with the proper information.

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