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Upload Documents to Accompany a Live Stream
Upload Documents to Accompany a Live Stream

Provide online viewers with the same documents you'd share in-person, such as agendas, notes, programs, and presentations

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The Documents Feature is the perfect complement to your live broadcast. It allows you to provide your online viewers with the same documents that you share in-person, such as agendas, notes, programs, and presentations. You can add up to 5 documents with every broadcast, and they will appear next to the broadcast on your website using the BoxCast embedded player.

How do I add a Document?

After a broadcast is scheduled, click on the broadcast and then the Documents tab below the video player.


You can drag or drop a PDF into the documents box or browse your computer to find a file. The file must be a PDF. If you need to convert your file into a PDF try using

Give your document a name and then hit Save Document to insert the file.


When the broadcast is live, your viewers can look at the document on or your BoxCast embedded player. The document will appear at the bottom of the video player by default. If you select Two Column Layout on the BoxCast embed page, the document will appear to the right of the video player.

This is what it could look like by default on your website:


This is what it would look like on or with the Two Column Layout option selected on the embed:


In order for the embedded player to show the document, you must re-embed the player with the Show Document option enabled.


Common Questions

What file formats can I upload?
The file needs to be a PDF. If you need to convert it try:

What is the maximum size of the upload?
The maximum size is 5 MB for each document. If you need to make your PDF smaller try:

How many documents can I upload per broadcast?
We recommend you upload no more than 5 documents per broadcast but you can upload more if needed.

Will it automatically show up in my embed when I turn on the feature?
No. You will have to re-embedded your player with the Show Documents option enabled.

Can people see my document on Social Media sites or on Apple TV or Roku Apps?
No. The video index is only available on the BoxCast embedded player or link.

How long will my document be stored?
The document will be stored as long as your BoxCast account is active.

Can I use the same document on multiple broadcasts?
Yes. You can use one document on as many broadcasts as you would like.

Check out our blog post to see some examples of how to organize your documents.

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