Follow these steps to get your Shure MV88+ kit plugin ready to go with the Broadcaster app.

Unbox your kit, grab the Lightning to USB cable, and plug it into the back of your mic and your phone.


Download the ShurePlus MOTIV app and open it with the microphone hooked directly to your phone. Your Shure MV88+ will ask to be updated — you’ll want to do that, so click OK.


We recommend watching this video from Shure to get a better understanding of the settings.

Now that your microphone is set up, open the Broadcaster app, and start a broadcast.

Common Questions

Will be settings from the Shure MV88+ transfer to the Broadcaster app?

Yes! Check out our review of the microphone.

Can I charge my phone and use the Shure MV88+ at the same time?
Yes! That’s what the white Apple Lightning to USB 3 camera adapter is for.

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