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Follow these steps to get your Shure MV88+ kit plugin ready to go with the Broadcaster app.

Step 1

Unbox your kit, grab the Lightning to USB cable, and plug it into the back of your mic and your phone.


Step 2
Download the ShurePlus MOTIV app and open it with the microphone hooked directly to your phone.

Step 3
Your Shure MV88+ will ask to be updated — you’ll want to do that, so click OK.


Step 4
We recommend watching this video from Shure to get a better understanding of the settings.

Step 5
Now that your microphone is set up, open the Broadcaster app, and start a broadcast. Learn more about this app in this article.

Common Questions

Will be settings from the Shure MV88+ transfer to the Broadcaster app?

Yes! Check out our review of the microphone below:

Can I charge my phone and use the Shure MV88+ at the same time?
Yes! That’s what the white Apple Lightning to USB 3 camera adapter is for.

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