Facebook recently made a change that may affect your ability to broadcast to Facebook and cause a #200 error that says that you don't have permission to perform this action ("this action" = streaming to Facebook). Good news however- we have a work around for you!

What: Facebook's new Pages experience allows you to switch between your individual profile and a public-facing Page. However, switching away from your individual profile could result in Facebook revoking your access to their API, which prevents broadcasts from going live on Facebook.

Who is Affected: Facebook users who have been migrated to the new pages experience for the Facebook Business profile view. Currently we have seen only 2% of users affected by this issue.

Current workaround: Avoid switching away from your individual profile before or during a broadcast while logged into your Dashboard in the same browser.

You can instead:

  • Log in to the BoxCast Dashboard in Chrome (for example), and then log in to Facebook on Firefox (or other browser).

  • Log in to the BoxCast Dashboard in Chrome, and then open Facebook in an incognito Chrome window.

What is being done: We have opened a bug report with Facebook and they are investigating the issue.

This is all the information we have for now, but if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the support team in the chat, or at questions@boxcast.com.

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