Should an issue seemingly unique to Facebook be encountered, or so much as confirmed in discussion with a BoxCast representative, you may report the issue as outlined here.

BoxCast provides the ability to stream to any Facebook Page you are an Administrator on. If currently trying to stream to a Page, but see a message reading "No pages available", try following the steps below. These steps will also help when seeing some Pages but not all Pages you are an Administrator on.

Here is what the message will look like in the scheduling process.

Step 1

Go to your Business Integrations page on Facebook -

Step 2

Click on the box next to the BoxCast integration and then remove the integration. DO NOT select "Delete posts, videos or events BoxCast posted on your timeline," simply click "Remove".

Step 3

Once removed, log into the BoxCast Dashboard, go to Settings, and click on Integrations.

Step 4

Click on the appropriate Facebook integration and delete from the dashboard.

Step 5

Click on Add Integration and select Facebook.

The next steps are extremely important, so please select the exact settings that you see in the images below.

Step 6

After selecting Facebook, click "Continue as [Your Name]" and Facebook will link your personal account, allowing you to stream to any Pages you manage, so this is normal to see your personal account here.

Step 7

Ensure that Public is selected, so that everyone who Likes the Page you are streaming to can see it. Once changed to Public, click OK in the bottom corner.

Step 8

The next screen will determine which Pages (managed by the account) allow you to stream to. Pages are NOT selected by default. You will need to select which Pages you allow BoxCast to stream to.

If wanting to select which Pages BoxCast is allowed to stream to, click on "Choose what you allow" and this will open up a list of Pages we can stream to. Ensure that the Pages you wish to stream to are checked.

Step 9
Click OK and you will see the list of Pages managed on the integrations page.

Step 10
To confirm everything is working, go to schedule a broadcast, click on the Destinations dropdown, select Facebook, and then check to see if the Pages selected from Step 8 are listed.

Still having difficulties with your Facebook Pages not displaying? Please reach out to the technical support team at and we would be happy to help!

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