BoxCast has a Viewer Chat feature that you can add to any of your live streams. We give you the ability to embed it on your website and moderate the users in the chat. Viewer Chat is available on all BoxCast paid plans. If you have a legacy account, reach out to your customer success manager at to upgrade a plan with chat.

*Currently BoxCast Viewer Chat feature will only work on laptops or desktop devices. It does not currently work with tablets or mobile devices.

*If you want to disable viewer chat for your account, go-to sources, click on preferences, scroll down to viewer chat, click edit, turn off viewer chat by toggling it to gray, and click save changes. If you do not click save changes, the settings will not apply.

Follow the steps below to learn how to use Viewer Chat.

Enabling Viewer Chat

To enable Viewer Chat, click on Settings and then Preferences. Scroll down and you will see a Viewer Chat box.

Click on Edit and select “Enable Viewer Chat by default.” After you click save changes, Viewer Chat will now be enabled for all of your broadcasts.

Once enabled, you will notice a chat box to the right of your BoxCast Player.

If you wish to disable Viewer Chat for a certain broadcast, you can click on that broadcast in your Dashboard, then click on Chat below the video player, and turn it off by making sure the green toggle switch is gray.

Embedding Viewer Chat on your Website

To embed viewer chat on your website, click on Embed, and make sure Viewer Chat is checked under Advanced Settings.

You can click on Preview Embed Code to see what the chat window will look like with your other settings.

Moderating Viewer Chat during a Live Broadcast

To moderate your Viewer Chat during a broadcast, click on the broadcast, click on Chat below the player, and click the Moderate Chat button.

This will take you to the Moderator View page. You can choose to moderate chat at any time before or during the broadcast.

The Moderator View includes some of the core features of Viewer Chat. We will break them all down below:

  • Show Video Player: If you want to watch the broadcast while you moderate chat, click on Show Video Player.

  • Hide Comment: Hiding a comment will remove only that comment from the chat.

You can also choose to Un-Hide Comment if you remove a comment by accident.

  • Hide User: If someone is causing a problem in chat, you can hide the entire user. This will ban them from the chat, and they will no longer be able to chat with other viewers in the broadcast.

Other Features of Chat

  • Chat Rate Limit: If you have a viewer that sends more than 5 chats in under 30 seconds, they will see the message below. It will make them wait 30 seconds before sending their next message. This is to help prevent people from spamming the chat.

  • Profanity Filter: Our Profanity filter will block out curse words when typed in the chat.

  • Emoji Picker: Easily add emojis to the chat with our emoji picker.

Viewer Chat is a feature that will help you connect with your community and viewers. If you need any help setting up viewer chat, reach out to our technical support team at

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