mimoLive + BoxCast

This step-by-step guide shows how mimoLive, Boinx's live switching software, and BoxCast work together.

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BoxCast and Boinx now have a seamless integration with Boinx's live switching software called mimoLive. Below are the following steps to start streaming in both these systems.
โ€‹Please take note:

  • You must schedule a broadcast in the BoxCast Dashboard. You can not start streaming in mimoLive without a broadcast in the dashboard first.

  • You will want to schedule all social media streaming through BoxCast still.

Step 1

Open up mimoLive and click on the + symbol next to output destinations.


Step 2

Select Live Streaming in the outputs.


Step 3

Click on the service drop-down and click on "Setup Accounts in Preferences".


Step 4

Scroll down and click on BoxCast. You will need to sign into BoxCast and your account will be linked. You will only need to do this one time and you will be all set up in the future.


Step 5

Select your BoxCast account as the output service.


Step 6

Next, go to the BoxCast Dashboard and schedule an event selecting a RTMP Source.


Step 7

Click the refresh button in mimoLive and your broadcast will appear below the service tab.


Step 8

Make sure you click on the "Start with show" button and then click Start Show at the top of the screen. This will begin your live stream as long as it is in the 10 minute window before the stream starts on the BoxCast Dashboard.


If you have any questions about these steps above, please feel free to reach out to questions@boxcast.com for more assistance.

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