BoxCast and SlingStudio can work together to create your live event. There are 2 ways to connect your BoxCast account to SlingStudio.

Connecting BoxCast RTMP to SlingStudio

Below are instructions on how to set this up from SlingStudio's help website.

Step 1

Power up the SlingStudio.

Step 2

On your iPad, launch the Console app and connect it to the SlingStudio hotspot.

Step 3

Connect your SlingStudio unit to the Internet:

  1. Ethernet cable: Connect a live Ethernet cable to the SlingStudio using the SlingStudio USB-C Expander product.
  2. Wi-Fi: In the Console app, go to Settings (on the left edge of the Console app) and tap Internet Settings.
  3. Choose a Wi-Fi network to connect to.
    Note: You can also confirm the operation of the Ethernet connection here.

Step 4

Prepare the video sources that you want to use and connect them to the SlingStudio hotspot.

Step 5

Open a new Project, and give the project a name.

Step 6
Set your new project with these settings (remember that you can scroll up/down in the dialog box).

  1. Video production (resolution): For BoxCast streaming, this can be your choice.
  2. Video Sources Bitrate: Choose a video source bitrate setting. For 1080p you will want to select 5.0 Mbps, for 720p select 3.0 Mbps and for 480p select 1.5 Mbps.
  3. Program Output Bitrate: Choose a setting for the Program Output bit rate.For 1080p you will want to select 5.0 Mbps, for 720p select 3.0 Mbps and for 480p select 1.5 Mbps.
  4. * We would recommend choosing 2 - 5 Mbps depending on your network connection.

Step 7

At the bottom of the dialog box, tap the Live Broadcasting switch.

Step 8
At the bottom of the Live Broadcasting section, go to the Upload Speed line. Tap the circular arrow to test your current upload speed. After several seconds, the Console app determines what the current upload speed is.

Step 9
Divide this Upload Speed figure approximately in half, and use that figure to refine the Program Output bitrate setting (from Step 6c above). Half the Upload Speed is a good number to start with. Lower settings can offer lower video quality … but also broadcasting with fewer skips. Higher settings offer the reverse.
Note: You can't change this setting once the project has been created.

Step 10

Step 11
Select Custom RTMP.

Step 12
Select Add New RTMP.

Step 13
You do not need to add a title and cannot insert your BoxCast Server URL and Stream Key.

Step 14
Make sure to select SlingStudio as your User Agent.

Step 15
This can be found in the settings of the BoxCast dashboard if enabled on your account.

Connecting the BoxCaster to SlingStudio

Step 1

Connect the BoxCaster to your SlingStudio unit’s HDMI OUT port using a Mini-HDMI to HDMI cable.

Step 2

The SlingStudio unit should be powered up, the SlingStudio Console app should be connected to the SlingStudio hotspot, and you should have a project open.

Step 3

In the SlingStudio Console app, tap HDMI OUT in the lower-left corner.
A popup menu appears:

Step 4

From the popup menu that appears, choose the best option for your needs: <, In this case, you will want to choose the PROGRAM VIDEO.

PROGRAM VIDEO: Streams your program video (the video currently in the Program window in the SlingStudio Console app) to the BoxCaster and includes audio.

The rest of the article can be found here.

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