Using the BoxCast Manual Scoreboard Feature

The BoxCast Wireless Scoreboard Adaptor is a legacy product used to place the score of a sporting event onto a live stream.

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Start by clicking on schedule a broadcast and filling out the information for that broadcast.

When you get to the Overlays option, click on Manual Scoring.


Select your sport from the list, pick your home and away team names/colors, and pick if you want the scoreboard overlay on the top part of the broadcast or bottom.


Controls for the Manual Scoreboard can be found on the video page for that specific event in your Dashboard or inside of your broadcaster app under the event.


Broadcaster App


Your manual scoreboard is now all set! If you would like us to create a special user name for a volunteer or student to control the scoreboard during the game, reach out to and we would be happy to create them a login.

How to Set a Default Scoreboard

If you plan on always having the same home team, you can set a default scoreboard by clicking on settings, preferences and then edit under the scoreboard section.


Once you click edit, you can then enter in your information for your scoreboard and while scheduling, it will always default to those settings.

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