Larix is a streaming app developed specifically for use with Android devices (now on iOS, as well).

Step 1
Download Larix on your Android device

Step 2
Open the app and click the gear icon in the upper right of the screen.


Step 3
Click Connections.


Step 4
Click New Connection.


Step 5
Name the connection "BoxCast" and stick your RTMP URL from the Sources tab of the BoxCast dashboard in URL and SAVE.


When clicking on the Connections area in the app you should now see the "BoxCast" listed as a configured destination.


Step 6
Make sure you have a broadcast scheduled in the BoxCast Dashboard and click the red button to begin sending data from Larix.


Step 7
We starting your stream stream on Larix 5-10 minutes before your scheduled broadcast start time so it goes live at the time you scheduled.

Example: If you scheduled a broadcast to start at 10 AM, click the red stream button at 9:55 to ensure it goes live at 10 AM.

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