Slido allows you to add live Q&A and polls to your meetings and events. It's a natural extension of your live video production that can further reach and engage the audience. BoxCast and Slido work great together.

Note: that you must be on the Slido Pro plan or higher to integrate live video into your workflow.

Adding the BoxCast Embedded Player To a Slido Event

Quickly add the BoxCast embedded player to a Slido event with the following steps:

Step 1

Log on to the BoxCast dashboard and find your scheduled broadcast.

Step 2
Click the Embed icon under Promote this Broadcast on the broadcast details page.

Step 3
Switch to "Inline Frame" embed method, and unselect "Show Description Below Player". Note that Slido will only work with the base inline frame embed code, not the JavaScript embed method or the auto-resizing inline frame.

Step 4
Click Copy to Clipboard to grab the embed code.

Step 5

Log on to the Slido admin page and find your scheduled event.

Step 6
Open the Slide event settings, then navigate to Integrations > Live Video.

Step 7
Copy the iframe embed code from BoxCast and paste it into the Embedded code text area.

Step 8
Click Save.


Once saved, you can open the Slido audience view and confirm that your BoxCast embedded video player properly appears.


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