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Embed a Single Broadcast to a Website
Embed a Single Broadcast to a Website

Add an individual event to a website using the single-event embed code.

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You can embed an individual event onto a website using our single event embed code. This single event embed code is found on the video page for that specific event.

Follow the instructions below to get your single broadcast embed code.

Go to the Broadcast you would like to embed on your site. It can be an upcoming broadcast, live broadcast or past broadcast.

Click on the edit (pencil) icon to open the broadcast, then find the embed button under SHARE + PROMOTE in the bottom right corner to open up the embedding window.

You'll have lots of options for customizing your embed code, and choosing different types of embeds. The most common is JavaScript. You'll also be able to preview what the player will look like with your customizations here.

Once you have everything the way you like it, scroll to the bottom, find the embed code and hit the Copy button.

Paste the embed code on your website and you are all set!

Instructions are also available for embedding all of your events.

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