Add Custom Vocabulary to Automated Captions

Learn how to customize your automated caption vocabulary to include hard-to-pronounce words or names.

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BoxCast gives you the ability to add captions to your broadcast while they are live or add captions to a recorded broadcast. BoxCast also lets you customize your vocabulary for those captions for words or names that might be a bit more tricky to pronounce. Follow these steps below to create your custom vocabulary for automated captions.

Go to Settings in the BoxCast Dashboard, click on Preferences, and hit Edit on the Automated Captioning section.


Add your phase in the Enter Phrase box and it will appear below.


After that is done, BoxCast will automatically try and link that phrase to the correct caption during the broadcast. We highly recommend doing this if you have any word that is not in the English dictionary. We also recommend doing this if you see that our system is not getting a word correct a couple of broadcasts in a row.

If you are not seeing these options in your Dashboard, book a meeting with your customer success manager, or email us to add this feature to your plan.

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