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Make highlight clips while live or after the fact using BoxCast's highlight clipping feature

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BoxCast makes it easy to capture and showcase your big moments. Simply follow these instructions (or watch the video below) to begin making your own highlights clips.

Creating Clips while Live

Log into the BoxCast Dashboard and click play on the current live stream you wish to take a highlight from.

Hover over the video player and hit the camera icon in the bottom right corner of the video player then give your highlight a title and select if you would like to highlight before or after the time stamp noted.

Your highlight will now appear below the video player on the broadcast details page, on your page, as well as your embedded player (though it may take a refresh of the page for it to appear)

* example link below

Click on the highlight clip in the Dashboard to share to social media, embed, or download the clip.

Creating Clips from the Archive

Click on the broadcast you wish to create a highlight clip for.

Click on Edit Highlight Clips to begin creating a new highlight.

Click on Capture New Highlight.

Drag the purple trim tool to the desired position of the highlight clip. Give the highlight a name, a brief description, and click Save Changes.

You will now see your highlight clip appear here. From here you can delete it, download it, edit it or share it to your social media platforms.

Common Questions about Highlight Clips

Why don't I see the camera icon on the video player?

The camera icon for creating highlight clips will only show up on a computer web browser. You cannot create highlights from your phone or inside of the BoxCast Broadcaster app.

How long can a highlight clip be?

There is currently no limit on how long a highlight clip can be. However, if the broadcast is ticketed and the highlight clip is over 5 minutes, it cannot be shared to social media.

What format will the clip download in?

The highlight clip will be an mp4.

Have more ideas for highlight clips? Please feel free to submit those ideas to If you have more questions about how highlight clips work, email

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