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BoxCast customers on any paid plan may stream broadcasts to X by using our integration which accesses the X API or Other RTMP social streaming configuration as well. This is sometimes referred to as simulcasting - your stream will be sent to BoxCast's embedded player and X at the same time.

Configuring your Broadcasts for X


Click on the Settings tab of the Dashboard, followed by the Integrations tab.

Click Add Integration, then select Twitter.

Click the Authorize app button for allowing BoxCast access to the Twitter account.

If the X username matches a prior Periscope integration, there is an option to automatically convert the linked Periscope account to the new X account. Choosing to do so will result in all upcoming broadcasts which are scheduled for Periscope to be changed to simulcast on the newly linked X account, as well as well as remove the previous Periscope integration.

Scheduling as a Destination

In the BoxCast Dashboard, click Schedule a Broadcast.

Click the dropdown for Destinations and select the Twitter integration

Once the Twitter destination is selected, ensure that Tweet? is checked for it to show up as a post.

Once the scheduled broadcast begins, the broadcast will simulcast to X.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will existing Periscope simulcasts continue working? BoxCast will continue to attempt Periscope simulcasts until September 17, 2021. After that time, all linked Periscope accounts will be unlinked and no simulcasts will go to Periscope.

What will happen to old Periscope simulcasts? Nothing. BoxCast will not touch prior broadcasts on Periscope, and you will still be able to see (in the dashboard) that the broadcast was simulcast to Periscope.

What if the X handle doesn't match the Periscope handle? How does the user migrate then? This may be a rare occurrence, as Periscope uses X handles; so if the same user is linking their X account, handles should match. However, if not matching, the user will just have to edit any and all upcoming broadcasts they want to simulcast to X to add the X simulcast, then un-link the Periscope integration.

Want to simulcast with the Broadcaster app? View this article. Please note, however, that the X integration is not yet available for use when scheduling from Broadcaster.

For additional questions, please contact the BoxCast Technical Support team by way of

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