If you are a customer on any of our plans (fully free video to viewers) you may stream your broadcast to Twitter by using our custom Periscope integration or "Other RTMP" social streaming configuration as well. This is sometimes referred to as simulcasting - you'll be simultaneously broadcasting to both BoxCast and Twitter.

Note: Twitter has officially sunset Periscope as of March 31, 2021. What does this mean for broadcasters integrating with Periscope through BoxCast? Well, streaming via third-party API apps will work on Twitter. So if you've been using the Periscope integration, you should be largely unaffected by this. Viewers may watch your content right from the Twitter account. For more information, you may click here.

Check out the following video, or read the steps below.

Configuring your Broadcast for Periscope

Step 1
Click on the Settings tab in the dashboard, followed by the Integrations tab.


Step 2
Click the Add Integration button and select Periscope (Twitter).


Step 3
Link your Periscope account and Authorize BoxCast to post to your account. You will see when it is linked in the settings area.


Step 4
In the BoxCast Dashboard, click Schedule a Broadcast.

Step 5
Click on Destinations and select Periscope.


Once selected, ensure that Tweet? is checked, so it will stream direct to the Twitter account.


Once your stream begins, your broadcast will simulcast to Twitter.

Want to simulcast with the Broadcaster App? View this article.

For additional questions, contact the BoxCast Support Team at questions@boxcast.com.

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