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Troubleshooting Custom Code in Sites
Troubleshooting Custom Code in Sites
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If you have added custom code to your site that's impacting its performance or preventing you from editing it, it is most likely due to the code not being formatted correctly or not being HTTPS compliant.


The following can help you troubleshoot your custom code issues:

  • Restore a backup of your site to a point before the custom code was added (even if you haven't created a backup, the editor creates one for you when you publish or enter developer mode)

  • Access Developer mode to fix the issue manually

  • Load the non-secured version of the editor to load scripts that were not embedded via a secure connection. To do so, log into http://my.Website

  • If you are unable to access the editor when your site loads initially, try accessing your editor on a new page by entering a different URL in your editor link, such as https://my.Website When you get there, you can delete and re-add the page that is causing problems, or access developer mode to fix the issue on the site's code

  • If you have any links in your code (http:// or //) and your site is using HTTPS or you're in the preview, then you will have to change it to https:// instead

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