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Export Video to YouTube or Vimeo
Export Video to YouTube or Vimeo

Use these steps to export video recordings and highlights to YouTube or Vimeo.

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After you’ve provided a great live broadcast for your viewers, and maybe even captured some highlights, you can export the recording or the highlights to YouTube or Vimeo. While you can always embed your BoxCast recordings directly on your web page, some users already have an audience on YouTube or Vimeo and like to move recordings there for longer-term storage.

These brief instructions will help you take the few easy steps to export your recordings and highlights to YouTube and Vimeo.

Linking Your Accounts

In your BoxCast Dashboard click on Settings, then the Integrations tab.


Click on Add Integration and select either YouTube or Vimeo. You might be asked to sign in, or you may be asked to select from a list of accounts.


If there is a problem linking your YouTube account, you may need to quickly remove BoxCast from your approved Google apps. Go to your Google Permissions, click BoxCast, and click Remove. Then retry linking your account.

Once integrated, go back to your BoxCast Dashboard and to the Broadcasts tab. Click on a past broadcast and it'll take you to its details page.

Underneath Recording Controls, click on Download or Export Recording, then choose the Youtube or Vimeo tab


Configure any settings for the export. For YouTube, you can configure the license (YouTube or Creative Commons) and privacy (private, public, or unlisted); for Vimeo, there are no additional options. Click Export To YouTube or Export To Vimeo.


Your recording will be exported directly to the chosen service. This process can take some time and you can safely close this window while the process continues in the background.

Note that this process requires no bandwidth on your side. The export is happening directly from BoxCast servers to the selected service end point (servers). Once the file has been fully exported it can take some time for the end service to process it. This is entirely in the hands of Youtube or Vimeo and you can check on progress of a file within Youtube or Vimeo.

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