BoxCast Free Plan Features

Understand the Free plan features, and get answers to frequently asked questions.

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At BoxCast, we offer a free, HD streaming plan called the Free plan. Available for mobile or in our dashboard, the Free plan lets you stream and share professional-quality live video from virtually anywhere!

Plan Features

  • 4 hours per month of free live streaming

  • Professional 1080p30 video quality

  • A link to share + promote your streams

  • Send to Facebook and YouTube

  • Automated scheduling

  • Unlimited viewers

  • Viewer analytics + insights

  • All streams will be branded with a BoxCast logo

Frequently Asked Questions

How will my viewers be able to watch my broadcasts?

You'll get a unique link to share with your viewers, as well as an embed code. You can also send to YouTube and Facebook.

Why can’t I stream any more this month?

If you can't go live, you may be over the Free plan's allotted 4 hours per month.

How do I get more streaming hours?

If you want to stream more than 4 hours per month, you should

consider upgrading to one of our paid plans.

What type of encoders are supported on the Free plan?

You can stream from any BoxCast hardware, the Broadcaster app, or your own RTMP encoder.

How do I upgrade my free account to a paid account?

You use our self service upgrade feature, or reach out to to upgrade to a BoxCast paid plan.

Will my recording save to my account after my stream is over?

You can't save your streams on the Free plan, but recording is available on any of our paid plans.

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