If you are reading this, you've likely signed up on BoxCast's Go Plan for an awesome and free live streaming experience. If still needing to sign up for the Go Plan, or you're simply looking for more information about the plan itself, you will want to click here . Otherwise, please check out the following in using BoxCast's Go Plan with the Broadcaster app.

When at the screen shown below, you may choose to schedule a broadcast or simply go live immediately. Both are outlined below. If you've already broadcasted, you will see a list of your past broadcasts.

Schedule Broadcast

When you tap on Schedule Broadcast you will arrive at the following screen. Just a few pieces of information are required before tapping Create and scheduling your broadcast for live streaming!

Broadcast Title

While a broadcast title is required, adding a broadcast description is optional.


Choose for a broadcast to be Public or Private. Public broadcasts are visible to any viewers with which you share your account's watch link. Note that private broadcasts will not allow you to access and share your link. Even if you begin a private broadcast and then edit to public during the live stream, the share button will remain hidden. Private broadcasts are ideal for testing, as just one example. Conversely, if you begin a public broadcast and then edit to private during the live stream, the link may be shared but the broadcast will show as unavailable on the viewers end.


Set a time for your broadcast to air live. Choosing Now will have you live streaming as soon as you create the broadcast. Otherwise, you can schedule the broadcast to go live at a future date and time of your choosing. Please note that start time cannot be changed after a broadcast has been scheduled and is within 10 minutes away from the scheduled start time.

When a broadcast is 10 minutes from starting, you may tap Start Broadcast. A timer will countdown until the scheduled start time. It is recommended the Start Broadcast button is tapped a few minutes before your broadcast begins.

If Start Broadcast was not tapped prior to the scheduled start time, the broadcast will not begin until Start Broadcast is tapped.


Choose the duration for your broadcast to live stream. A broadcast needn't reach its scheduled end time, as you may stop the broadcast earlier if desired. Conversely, the duration may also be edited once the broadcast is live. If the broadcast reaches its full duration as was set, the broadcast will end automatically.


When tapping on Advanced, you may choose between a video quality of Auto, 720p, or 1080p. The Auto setting will allow Broadcaster to peek at the available network bandwidth for choosing what seems most appropriate to live stream. Note that the video resolution may not be changed once the broadcast is live.

You may also wish to do an audio-only broadcast. Toggle the switch on or off to do so.

Go Live Now

Tapping on Go Live Now will start a broadcast immediately. Doing so results in the following default parameters, though, all may be edited mid-stream by tapping the Edit button (see Live Controls section):

  • The broadcast title will read Live Broadcast.

  • The privacy will be Public.

  • The broadcast duration will be one hour.

Live Controls

While live (or preparing to go live) in the app, there are several things you'll want to familiarize yourself with.


The Settings menu allows you to look up general information about (or log out of) your account, provide BoxCast with your valuable feedback, or check the Broadcaster app version. The Broadcasting and Notifications menus are explained below.


Tapping on this menu will allow for toggling between live streaming in a landscape view only, or being able to actively switch between a landscape or portrait view mid-stream, based on your device's orientation. In other words, enabling Landscape Only locks your broadcast into streaming with a landscape view. This setting cannot be edited once live.


Tapping on this menu will allow you to Open Settings for enabling/disabling which device functions the Broadcaster app may access. Note that you will not be able to go live without the app having access to your device's microphone or camera.


If considering an upgrade to one of BoxCast's paid plans, you can check out our pricing and plan comparisons. It's super easy to sign up for a 14-day free trial!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can external video and audio sources be used by the Broadcaster app? An external video source, no. An external audio source, yes! Click to check out some different ways BoxCast uses to get audio from a mixer into an iOS device using Broadcaster.

Is my shareable link different from broadcast to broadcast? In a way, yes. Your shareable link will direct users to the specific broadcast of when the link was shared, but it is a channel-like landing page. In other words, users will be able to access any other public future live and past broadcasts on your account from whichever link they've been given.

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