At BoxCast, we offer a free, HD streaming plan called the Go plan. Available exclusively on iOS devices, the Go plan lets you stream and share professional-quality live video from virtually anywhere!

Plan Features

  • Free live streaming

  • Professional 1080p60 video quality

  • A link to share + promote your streams

  • Unlimited viewers

  • 180 streaming minutes per month

  • 7 days to watch your streams

Signing Up for the Go Plan

The Go plan works in conjunction with our Broadcaster app for iOS. To sign up, first click here from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to download the Broadcaster app. Then just click the SIGN UP button and create your account.

After you create your account, you'll receive a verification email. Simply verify your account and you'll be ready to stream with the Go plan!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the Broadcaster app?

Click here to learn the ins and outs of the Broadcaster app!

How will my viewers be able to watch my broadcasts?

You'll get a unique link to share with your viewers. You can find it in the Broadcaster app after you sign up for the Go plan.

Why can’t I stream any more this month?

If you can't go live, you may be over the Go plan's allotted 180 monthly broadcast minutes.

Note: If you still have any minutes left, you may schedule a broadcast for three hours or less without the broadcast abruptly stopping.

How do I get more streaming hours?

If you want to stream more than 180 minutes per month, you should

consider upgrading to one of our paid plans.

How do I upgrade my Go plan account to a free trial or paid account?

Check out our paid plans here. You can try any plan free (except the Premium plan) for 14 days.

Note: You must start a free trial to sign up for any paid subscription plan.

Where did my recording go?

If a recording is no longer available, it's probably been deleted. BoxCast stores your Go plan broadcasts for seven days after they first air. If you'd like to store broadcasts for longer than seven days, you should consider upgrading to one our paid plans.

Can I cancel my account, now that you have a free service?

Sure! But if you're on a paid plan and cancel before your subscription's up, there may be an early plan termination fee. For more info, talk with your customer success manager.

How can I test out additional features?

If you want to test the other cool streaming features we offer, feel free to try any of our paid plans free for 14 days (except the Premium plan).

I tried viewing a broadcast after creating a Go plan account, so why can't I watch it?

If you're a viewer who just wants to watch a broadcaster's live stream, there's no need to download the Broadcaster app or create a Go plan account. The live stream's broadcaster should provide you with a watch link.

Can I simulcast to social media destinations like Facebook, YouTube, etc.?

No. The Go Plan doesn't include simulcasting, but it is offered with our paid plans.

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