Subsplash requires an HLS Link (.m3u8) from BoxCast to connect your live stream into their app. Below are the instructions on how to obtain your static m3u8 link from BoxCast.

Step 1

Select the scope type of link that you would like to embed:

  • All Broadcasts

  • An individual channel ("Custom Channel")

  • A single broadcast

Step 2

Select Static M3U8 from the embed type.

Step 3

Check "I understand, show me the URL" to confirm that you understand you will not receive analytics data from viewers watching with the M3U8. If you would like to get this data, please contact Subsplash and ask them to create a deeper integration with BoxCast.

Step 4

Copy the HLS Link (.m3u8) from the Embed page on the dashboard.

Step 5

Navigate to Builder > App (either in a List tab or a Media tab) to create and stream live events within the app itself. Select or create a Media Item from this menu.

Step 6

Paste the URL you just copied from BoxCast into the HLS Link (.m3u8) in the "Video" section of a Media item. If you are choosing to use separate Media Items, you will want to copy and paste the M3U8 link for Single Broadcasts to link a Media Item.

If you would like to use the All Broadcasts HLS Link, you can create a Live Events tab inside Subsplash Builder > App, and this tab will allow you to create separate "live events." Each one of these events will represent a different stream, but you don't necessarily need to create more than one. Add a new live event in this tab, and you'll notice that you can paste your HLS livestreaming link (m3u8) or a weblink pointing to your stream in different areas of the page.

In general, here is how the full channel or account M3U8 will work:

  • When you are live, your integration will receive the live broadcast.

  • When you are not live, your integration will receive an error that there is no live video.

  • Depending on your integration, their video player may interpret this error in different ways such as a loading spinner.

There is a chance that the M3U8 for the entire account will not work for your app provider. In that case, we encourage you to reach out to them and encourage them to work with us on a simple, direct integration.

Common Questions

Does the m3u8 link ever expire?


Do I get viewer analytics with static m3u8 URLs?

No, you must consider a different type of integration if you wish to retain viewer analytics.

Can I use privacy or ticketing features with the m3u8 link?

No, you must consider a different type of integration if you wish to retain those features.

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