Note: Blackmagic Design's ATEM Mini Pro defaults to a video standard of 1080p24fps. Whether streaming from the Mini Pro via RTMP, or simply connecting to a BoxCaster, BoxCast does not accept frame rates of 24fps or lower. To change the Mini Pro's video standard to work with BoxCast, click here.

The ATEM Mini Pro is a switcher, yes - but it may also act as a live streaming encoder for pushing RTMP! This article will cover all steps needed to stream from your ATEM Mini Pro to BoxCast via RTMP, specifically using a Macbook (if wishing to operate from a PC, click here).

An XML file is required for this process. Download the XML file here if you do not wish to edit your own.

Step 1

Open Finder and go to the menu, followed by choosing Go -> Go To Folder, and finally entering the following:

/Library/Application Support/Blackmagic Design/Switchers

Click here to watch a video on Step 1

Step 2
Copy "Streaming.xml" and paste onto the desktop. This is the XML file which will be edited. If the edited file is edited incorrectly, the original can always be copied and pasted in order to try again.


Step 3
Open up the copy of the "Streaming.xml" in TextEdit.


Step 4
Copy the Facebook code starting with <service> and ending with </service>.


Step 5
Scroll all the way to the bottom of the "Streaming.xml" file and paste the Facebook code. Be sure to add a space after </service>, hit the tab key, copy the code, and leave </streaming> at the bottom. Change the name from "Facebook" to BoxCast and change the Facebook server URL to the BoxCast Server URL, which is rtmp://

Upon completing the previous steps, save the file.


Step 6
Rename the original XML file (from the folder) to "StreamingOriginal.xml", dragging and dropping the new "Streaming.xml" into the folder. The ATEM Mini Pro will only read a file named "Streaming.xml"


Step 7

Restart or open the ATEM Software Control, and "BoxCast" is now an option.


Step 8
Copy a source's stream key from the BoxCast dashboard and paste into the "Key" field of the ATEM Software Control.


Step 9
Click the ON AIR button to begin streaming to BoxCast. A broadcast must be scheduled from BoxCast in order to live stream.

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