While we do not have an integrated chat feature there are many free services out there. We have used chatango.com before and it was fairly easy to setup / configure. Feel free to choose the service that best works for you though.

Follow these steps below to get started with Chatango.

Step 1
Go to http://chatango.com/ and click on “Get Started”.

Step 2
Select the “Box” option.

Step 3
Enter a Group Name (making sure it is available). Enter the Size you want the video to be by the exact pixel count or simply drag the blue arrows at the top left corner of the chat window to the desired size. Choose a color and any other option you would like. Then click “Create Group” at the top right of the page.

  • A box pops up asking for a Group Owner username and password.

  • A second box pops up where you confirm your password and enter your email.

  • Copy and Paste the embed code supplied into your website.

  • If the box is the wrong size or there are any other problems, simply go back to Step 3 and make the changes and copy the new embed code.

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